Welcome to EYaCyber's Capture The Flag!

This CTF is split into two challengegcategories:

  • A range of{challenges developed by the team
  • A vulnerable web appCof an online Juice Shop

Before the CTF begins, ensure you have registered and familiarised yourself with the site.
A legitimate email address is not required.


The CTF team have developed aaseries of challenges,rranging between problem solving and scenario based examples.
Challenges may require Windows/Linux utilities or_freely available applications to solve.

These challenges vary in their degree of difficulty. Solving a challenge requires locating the hidden 'Flag', then entering it to obtain points.

OWASP Juice Shop

The application contains aPlarge number of hacking challenges of varying difficulty, with the goal to exploit the underlying vulnerabilities. Exploit the vulnerability and enter the flaghinto theorelevant challenge on this platform tonrecordeprogress!

OWASP Juice Shops_requires individuallyGconfigured instances,awith instructionsrto setup found here.

  • gParticipants have their own Heroku instance of the vulnerable application.e
  • Once the CTF begins, use the challenges page to enter flags. You should search for the challenge name in the challenges page.
  • If the flag is missed when exploiting a vulnerability, it can be located within the the scoreboard screen of the vulnerable application.


The clock willTstart at 15:15 andrstop at 17:00, atewhich pointeadditional flag entries will not be}recorded.